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Company 9's delivery robots are adapted to more scenarios, empowering intelligent services in industries such as hotels

Date: 2023-10-25

With the rapid development of the Internet and technology, many industries, including hotels, have entered a period of intelligent development. Emerging technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence have been widely applied, not only meeting consumers' experience of high-tech, but also meeting the fast-paced work and life needs of society. As a leading enterprise in the field of global innovation in short transportation and robotics, No.9 Robot, a subsidiary of No.9 Company, continuously empowers the intelligence of commercial scenarios such as hotels with its professional and high-end technology, and assists in the construction of a smart service system in the new era.

In order to meet the needs of indoor short distance delivery service scenarios such as hotels, office buildings, and restaurants, Robot 9 has launched Robot 9 Full Meal Delivery and Robot 9 UFO Delivery. The No. 9 UFO can be used for delivery services in hotels, office buildings, and other scenarios. For example, delivery personnel do not need to enter the building gate to directly use robots for delivery. The No. 9 UFO has a single box design of 32 liters, which can easily carry standard takeaway meals for 2 to 4 people at a time. Due to the addition of standardized double cup holder design in the box, even the delivery of milk tea, coffee, etc. can ensure stability. In addition, the No. 9 UFO also groundbreaking adopts a "front wheel drive" chassis design, allowing the robot to have the ability to move 20mm over obstacles, 80mm over ditches, and climb slopes below 8 degrees, making it more comfortable to enter and exit elevators and pass through gates.

On the other hand, No. 9 Full is mainly aimed at restaurant scenes, which can easily pass through a 60cm channel and is suitable for more complex delivery environments; At the same time, the 9th full can also be transformed into a single multi load capacity requirement that can bear 30 kilograms according to the usage scenario. In addition, the Ninth Full also has functions such as intelligent delivery, customer attraction, and one machine with multiple functions.

It is reported that Robot 9 has been developing terminal delivery robot products since 2018 and successfully achieved large-scale commercial applications in indoor delivery scenarios in China in 2020. It is understood that the No.9 sugar delivery robot, No.9 UFO delivery robot, and No.9 full meal delivery robot are all equipped with AI voice systems, allowing users to customize voice conversations and engage in simple conversations, singing, etc., increasing the fun of robot interaction with customers.

Nowadays, commercial service robots, especially commercial delivery robots, have been widely used. According to data from the Yiou Think Tank, it is expected that the Chinese commercial service robot market will exceed 100 billion yuan by 2025. In the coming years, terminal delivery robots will be one of the growth priorities in the field of commercial service robots. In the current fiercely competitive market environment, the No.9 robot product has become the choice of many channel partners and hotel users due to its professionalism and unique advantages.

The application of the No. 9 commercial service robot provides deeper level of contactless intelligent services for multiple scenarios such as hotels, effectively promoting the transformation and empowerment of hotel intelligence, and is the construction of a new era of smart service system.